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 For My new financial slave. I know how much you fell in love with My ass today loser, and I know all I have to do is dress in My fur coat, tight leggings and my sexy boots and you'll give Me more and more. So I thought I'd take advantage and completely rape your wallet. I expect a lot more Amazon gift cards now loser, so open up your wallet and try and please your new Financial Mistress. For any of you other pay piggy's email Me I might just ruin you as well.....

Heading 1

Personal Gifts That I Adore 

A girl can never have to many. I simply adore Victoria Secret Bras size 34DD and if they have a little sparkle on them, then even better. Any color, I adore them and you simply cannot go wrong.

  • Parfume by Versace

Mistress Elizabth

Goddess And Mistress Elizabeth

Mistress Elizabeth's Wishlist
The Mistress Elizabeth's Amazon Wishlist

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