Guided Masturbation bookings will be available via webcam on Skype

My area of subject is to make you cum with substance, and the ability to make you come to the edge. I guided you in the masturbation process to teach you control.


Having Mistress Elizabeth controlling your cock is exciting, no matter who's the one with her hand your penis. But having a gentle yet firm Mistress like me in charge of that penis, is even better. 

I only have two rules. The first one is of course, no cumming without permission. That's not to say that you won't be allowed to cum at some point, just that you'll only do it when I'm good and ready for you to.

The second rule is that you must do whatever I tell you to do with your cock. If I tell you to stroke, you stroke. If I tell you to coat it with lube and toss it round and round while you dance around your living room.

If you wish to book, you should send me mail.

(minimum 10 minutes.)

Price for all webcam bookings start at  $1.99 per minute. This includes two way Skype cam via Night-flirt.